Quiet start in Philippines

by C

By some strange process I ended up helping a pen friend through university training to BSc Nursing and onwards towards the Nursing Board Exam.

No great praise sought for doing so. I am fortunate and it is nice to see someone else have a better life.

I already do the dutiful charitable giving from my wages. Helping my pen friend was just because I wanted to do so.

We have developed a closer relationship. I have been over to visit a couple of time snd like Filipino people.

I do not like the heat much. I wish I was good and confident in the water, it would be much more fun.
Life in London can be lonely and it is good to be among a vibrant community, but I do hate the long air journey.

We will shortly be trying for a Civil Partnership
sometime soon it has not been easy. Present economic difficulties in the UK make visits a lot more expensive.

We are two very different men but I am hoping that we will get the chance to share a good life and real love together soon.

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