Pinakbet a dish with variety of vegetables

by Cristina Lania
(Rep. of Ireland, Dublin)

Well, I really miss this pinakbet dish because I like mostly eating the vegetables, especially with grilled bangus or chicharon baboy in it. It is very delicious and healthy because it is truly mouth watering if you eat it.

This is a dish mostly from Luzon which is a part of the Philippines, the Ilocanos, I am from Pangasinan and it's my favorite food and even now that I am in Ireland, I have to find a Filipino shop to buy the food I like.

There are lots more dishes that are not mentioned like langgonisang baboy, tucinong baboy, lumpiang shianghai, papaitan, pancit loglog, bigokan, chicken or pork barbeque, fried or grilled tilapia with tomato, shalotts, chilli, calamnsi juice with bagoong alamang or bagoong isda.

Fresh oyster with calmansi juice or vinegar, shalltos, chilli or ground black pepper and salt for taste.

Pinakbet a dish with variety of vegetables like eggplant, bittercurd, tomato, string beans, pumpkin, okra, with roastfish or meat and bagoong or alamang for taste.

All beautiful!

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