one beautiful month in heaven Boracay

by elly mcgar
(brisbane . australia)

We are visiting borocay as a married couple and another friend, all nudging 60 years of age. Our friend has been here twice before so it was good to have someone show us how to get round. I think it would be daunting to know where to go if you didn't chat to the locals for their inside information.

We had a nice apartment on the ground floor at Roxhon Apartments, just one block back from station 3 on White Beach. It is only 100 steps and you are on the beautiful white sand of Boracay Beach.

We loved being able to laze on the beach on any one of the banana lounges that you only need to buy a drink to sit there.

The highlight of the day was happy hour, with the fantastic sunsets and mingling with lovely happy people.

Borocay is great value for money and you feel like you are in paradise.

I would reccomend this Phillipino island if you love sun, water, beach activities, eating and drinking and a great golf course as well.

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