My filipina wives

by Mike

They all were users and cheaters. They only wanted money and the attention of other men when I wasn't paying attention to our surroundings In the states.

If you want to keep your Filipina bride faithful keep her where you found her. If you bring them here to the USA they are all looking at the other Filipinas nice huge homes and comparing themselves to there friends and if her friend tells your wife her husband gives her his whole paycheck every month then you better expect to get reminded every month about what her friends husband does every month when he gets paid.

If you don't comply with her requests you better get ready for a big surprise because there is no way on Gods green earth that a Filipina bride will be faithful because when they get the chance to fool around they will so get ready for the ride of your lifetime and I hope you made her sign a prenup or a no contested divorce agreement because you will wished you had after all her arm chair Filipina lawyers get her head so full of stupid ideas its going to make you go insane.

I should right a story about all my experiences with Filipino women because they all are nothing like what I read about here believe me.

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