Lying and Manipulating Filipinos

by Ben
(Kentucky USA)

I am married to a Filipina, and I know personally that some of them are very clever and skilled liars.

Her whole family manipulated me and convinced me that they were people I could trust. Wrong! Eventually their true identity came to light.

They lied and deceived me for eight years before my eyes were opened. Her parents are old, but that doesn’t stop her mother from lying and demanding money. Her father is no different, except my wife is terrified of him. If he yells jump, she asks him “how high.” Her siblings are too lazy to work and they don’t work.
One of her sisters has given birth to three more kids and expects my wife to support all of them.

On one occasion they stole three thousand dollars from my wife and partied it all away. The first time they saw me, they saw not a human being, but an ATM.

I still don’t really know how many members there are in my wife’s family, because I can’t get the truth out of none of them, including my wife. But I do know they intended for her to send every dollar she works and earns to them.

I have managed to get the flow of money that was being sent to them slowed down some. Now her family says I’m the Devil.

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Apr 30, 2018
Sorry This Happened to You
by: Anonymous

So sorry you were taken in, and that it took you this long to wake up. Yes, they are sick liars, and most are void of conscience. It is a most parasitic culture. If you're divorced now, I highly suggest not to get involved with another Filipina.

I am a Filipina-American (ethnically mixed). I went to the Philippines to find out about my roots. The result: I was completely shocked and aghast.

Jan 20, 2018
a road littered with broken relationships
by: Anonymous

Yes you are correct Filipinos are notorious for lying, cheating and stealing.

Pinays are very charming and very friendly towards whilst you have money but as soon as another better oportunity arrives they dump you.

As soon as you give them large cache of cash or house or land bye bye.

The biggest asset is their persona which is very charming but underneath that persona she's an iron girl. Cold and as hard as blue ice.

they move on to the next victim like a death star.

my ex Filipina has a new guy and he's building her a house.

6000 for the land and who knows how much for the house.

As soon as the house is finished ...

Dec 30, 2016
don't give money to the irresponsible, freeloaders
by: Anonymous

i will never get involved with a filipina again. its all about money and they all feel entitled to it. they tolerate and even encourage exploitation of kanos and like to spend and give away money they didn't earn. most filipinas say they want to help them, they love their family and refuse to see they are sociopathic, irresponsible, lazy, liars, manipulators- out for themselves. im happy i got away but i see these traits in most of them.

Raised to exploit, opportunists, thieves and scammers, call it culture/tradition. Giving to them only enables, it doesnt help them.

Dec 30, 2016
It is their culture
by: Anonymous

The culture is of deceit.

My son's Philippine wife's parents would not allow
them to marry unless they could be certain that the entire family could benefit.

My son committed suicide after the 2nd year of marriage.

They do not understand how to budget money or save. As soon as one member gets a paycheck the unemployed descend to get their share.

If you do not hand out your money you are shunned and called proud.

Married girls love their own family to the point of turning against their own husbands.

It is all part of the marriage scam. They can not understand the difference between truthfulness and deceit.

The number one import are Husbands. Their own men remain unmarried. It is all about the money, scamming foreign single men.

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