Cultural Center of the Philippines Photos

These photos are not just of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, but also of the entire Cultural Complex.

The area is quite large and there are a number of features worth seeing. Once you get to the CCP Building on Roxas Boulevard it is quite easy to walk a loop and see what is there, at the Manila Bay end I suggest you stop for a refreshment at the Hotel Philippine Plaza.

On the way to the Hotel Philippine Plaza walk down the Manila Harbour side and you will pass Harbour Square, with its restaurants and shops, you will then come to the CCP Bay Terminal, beyond that you will pass the Folk Arts Theater, Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant and then Coconut Palace, before arriving at Hotel Philippine Plaza.

Now the trip back to Roxas Boulevard will take you past the Philippine International Convention Center and Star City, which comes to life at night.

So have a look at these photos if you do not feel like walking and seeing them yourself.

Photo 1 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Billboard

CCP Billboard

As you turn into Pedro Bukaneg, which runs off Roxas Boulevard, there is a billboard that showcases what the coming events are at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

If you are walking from the Manila Baywalk side you cannot miss it, it is right on the pathway that leads to the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Photo 2 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Architecture

Cultural Center of the Philippines

This photo shows the unique architecture of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

It is at the top of the driveway and you can see the entrance to the CCP where the guy is sitting in the photo. The architecture was from a Filipino, Leandro Locsin.

Photo 3 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - CCP Bay Terminal

CCP Bay Terminal

You need to be here if you want to see Corregidor Island or if you want to catch the ferry from Manila to Orion in Bataan.

Okay why would you want to got to Orion in Bataan I here you say.....well I think it is the easiest way to get to Subic Bay. It is an easy 1 1/2 hour crossing of Manila Bay then another 1 1/2 to 2 hours by car direct to your hotel. Easy and hassle free.

Photo 4 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Folk Arts Theater

CCP Folk Arts Theater

Another of Leonard Locsin's buildings. The Folk Arts Theater in Manila was built in 1974 for the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Now if you think things take a long time to get done in the Philippines, then think again, the Folk Arts Theater took 90 days, that's right only 90 days. Who would have believed it!

The photo is not that good, next time I'm back there I will take another.

Photo 5 - Cultural Center of the Philippines -Jumbo Restaurant

CCP Jumbo Floating Restaurant

I have never eaten inside this Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant, so I cannot advise on the quality of the food. What I can tell you though, is it looks quite spectacular at night with the reflection of it's blazing lights on the still Manila Bay.

If anyone has eaten there I would love to here from you, you can contact me on my contact me page.

The Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant is just down from the CCP Bay Terminal.

Photo 6 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Coconut Palace

Coconut Palace Manila

The Coconut Palace in CCP is well worth a look. The entrance is just to the side of the big bronze gates. You will find some guards there but they are real friendly, they will point you in the right direction.

The Coconut Palace was built by Marcos for the Popes visit in 1981, however Pope John Paul refused to stay there, I bet you can guess why?

Photo 7 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Built right on Manila Bay, the Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila is a rare gem.

It's location is just far enough away from the crowds to feel like you are anywhere but Manila. The swimming pool with its bar is worth a visit and if you are with someone special a twilight drink watching the famous Manila sunset is a must.

Photo 8 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Philippine International Convention Center

Philippine International Convention Center

When looking at the Philippine International Convention Center you can see a similarity in architecture with the Folk Arts Center and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. If you guess it was the same architect, Leandro Locsin, you would be correct.

They took a little more time building this one. Construction was started in 1974 and the Philippine International Convention Center was opened in 1976. So the Philippines now had three building catering on a world wide platform.

Photo 9 - Cultural Center of the Philippines - Star City

Star City Manila

Star City is a theme park with lots of attractions, the main ones being the roller-coasters.

I must admit I'm not a huge fan of theme parks, I would much prefer to be in the ocean either diving or surfing, maybe that is just an excuse because I'm chicken....who knows.

Anyway the photo above is the entrance to Star City and it is quite spectacular at night with all the colourful lights competing for space.

If you want information on other attractions and things to do in Manila have a look here.

If your not sure where to stay in Manila, have a look here for some of my personal recommendations.

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