Bamboo beach Pacifico Siargao

by Mary anne Santillana
(Tagum City)

Bamboo Beach Siargao

Bamboo Beach Siargao

I am only a beginner surfer but when I was visiting my friend in Pacifico Siargao she took me to a really nice nearby beach she called 'Bamboo beach' and she brought along a couple of old surf boards with her to try to teach me to surf .

There was no one else on the beach and I really enjoyed trying to learn to surf!

Siargao is such a beautiful Island and Pacifico is a great place to learn to surf my friend says that at a certain time of year the waves on Bamboo beach are really good so I plan to return and try again ! .

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Oct 19, 2012
Bamboo Beach ?

hi i was just reading your post , and thought to myself ? bamboo beach pacifico ? wheres that i questioned myself ! i have been going in and out of pacifico now for a few years surfing here and to this day i have never heard of this beach ! there is a bar there called bamboo but the beach is not called that as far as i know unless the bar owner has bought it ? to which i doubt as no no-one can buy the beaches here , or so i am told by some friends of mine along the coast ! there is a surf break there but purely for beginners and nothing more and at times can be pretty dangerous due to the reef ! if you weigh the same as a local then fine but if you are a heavy dude then its not the place to even think of surfing unless you want to spend alot of time mending your wounds ! i suggest going further down to the corner at big wish to surf alot safer than the so called " bamboo beach " your choice ? last time i was there 2 months ago i was in the bamboo bar and its ok but i think theres problems with his neigbour and its not the place to stay right now with all that anger going around , glad i booked in somewhere else to be honest , left pretty early because of all the arguing going on , but mayb it was just a local problem i don't know ?but will think twice about going there next year!hope this helps ! Steve Briggs , Australia

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