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The Philippines Guide, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 27, 2010

The Philippines Guide, Issue # 001 -- Got a Question?

The Philippines Guide, April 2010

Uncovering Endless Philippine Travel Possibilities

This Philippines Guide, updates you with real travel information on the Philippines. All the information is first hand, tried and tested, so you know it is real.

We cover everything that is Philippines orientated, from retirement to hotel reviews, from surfing to scuba diving to dating.You name it is on the website.
1) 6 Part Series The 6 part Honey Trap Series has started.

This six (6) part series is based on a true story, one that is common, unfortunately too common. Over the next 6 weeks we will bring you the entire series week by week so stay tuned.

All 6 parts will be kept on a separate page.

You can read about it here......

2) Part 1 - The Honey Trap

The first part in the 6 part series is aptly named "The Honey Trap". Do you really know the Filipina at the end of the webcam? Do you know if she is really into you or not? Luckily gullibility is not a crime, or we would all be in jail, at least she only took my money! Hmmm not sure that is a good thing either, for some she may as well have taken your life!

The first part in the series is ready for you, its a true story, you may have some stories of your own? Your warnings are welcome, do include them and let us know.

You can read about the Honey Trap here......

3) Questions & Answers

Wow has this been popular! We promised a 24 hour turnaround, but I'm afraid thats going to be impossible, we will aim for a 48 to 72 hour turnaround, if you need a response in a hurry you better let us know the time sensitivity of it.

The questions are varried everything from Visa issues, to which bus should I catch to San Fernando, to Malacanang Palace Tours! We cover the lot.

Don't forget to ask a question or request a review of a location, hotel or area, we will gladly have a look and advise you.

You can read previous questions and answers ans ask new ones here......

All of you take care,
Brett and the team

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