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The Philippines Guide, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 15, 2010

The Philippines Guide, Issue # 001 -- Got a Question?

The Philippines Guide, April 2010

Uncovering Endless Philippine Travel Possibilities

This Philippines Guide, updates you with real travel information on the Philippines. All the information is first hand, tried and tested, so you know it is real.

We cover everything that is Philippines orientated, from retirement to hotel reviews, from surfing to scuba diving to dating.You name it is on the website.
1) Keep a lookout for our upcoming Philippine EBook Guide series. We will be doing an in-depth look at various areas around the Philippines and providing you with information about accommodation, getting there and away, where to eat, what to see and much more.

Don't miss being the first to see them!

2) Got a Question?

We have just opened a new section on the website called Got a Question?.

Ask any travel related question on the Philippines and we will get the answer back to you. Depending on the difficulty of the question will depend on the timely response you get. We are aiming for a 24 hour turnaround! I think we maybe optimistic on the turnaround time, we have been inundated with questions, keep them coming, the answers benefit everyone visiting the Philippines.

Click here to ask or read answers to questions...

3) Anilao Anyone?

Keep an eye out for our upcoming article on Anilao.

Easy trip from Manila, beautiful pristine waters and a divers paradise.....yep another one!

We are getting back to traveling and reporting to you on everything Philippines!

Don't forget to ask a question or request a review of a location, hotel or area, we will gladly have a look and advise you.

All of you take care,
Brett and the team

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